2019 – 2020

Letter from the Director

In addition to a long-standing tradition of excellence in jazz studies and performance, Cornell University boasts the largest Ivy League jazz program. Our expert faculty of performer-pedagogues and internationally-recognized guest artists work closely with both graduates and undergraduates from all disciplines. This creates a rich socio-academic experience by providing a place to learn, explore, and grow.

Alumni of the program perform in the jazz-centric scenes of New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Los Angeles and/or teach jazz and popular music at universities all over the world. Countless others excel in STEM or the humanities and continue to perform at a high level throughout their professional careers. This is the goal of the jazz program at Cornell. Participants seek expert musicianship, lifelong enjoyment, and the skills to creatively face any obstacle. They are lifelong learners of great art.

Get ready, and be prepared for a remarkable year!

Paul Merrill
Herbert Gussman Director of Cornell University Jazz